Making Music with FIRE, ICE, EARTH, WIND & WATER

From David Bruce Composer.

How can you make music using just elements like Earth, Ice, Fire, Water and Earth? Or how can those elements make music by themselves? Over the past couple of years I’ve collected clips of ‘element music’ and in this video I look through them and see what we can learn from all these fascinating and strange ways of making music

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Luray Caverns – Stalacpipe Organ

The Virginia Cave that can play Fur Elise

Baikal ICE Live Sound

Musical Fire Table

Wave Organ Solo No.2

Jeux d’eau (Pygmy Water Music)

Water Music, Gaua Island, Vanuatu 2009

Wave Organ, San Francisco

The Song of the Dunes

South San Francisco’s Wind Harp

The Singing Ringing Tree