Male vs Female Gaze: How Media Profits From Your Gender

From Psych IRL.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this video are generalities and should not be taken as a fixed rule. Although many of the studies show certain results, there is no way to test and observe ancient humans. So, the conclusions in a number of papers are theories as to why humans may behave the way they do from an evolutionary perspective. This is done by observing other animals and modern day humans. As a result, evolutionary psychology is often reductionist and can fail to take into account social factors. My point is don’t go using evolutionary psychology as an excuse to cheat or something LOL. Additionally, although "Male Gaze"/"Female Gaze" are terms coined by Laura Mulvey, we will be discussing both terms from the perspective of the Tik Tok trend.

The beauty and personal care industry for men and women is a multibillion dollar business. While some of that is spent for reasons of self satisfaction, a large amount is spent to attract a mate. There’s just one problem. Unless you date the same sex, sometimes what you think is attractive about yourself isn’t what the opposite sex is attracted to. This phenomena is commonly known as the male vs female gaze. The male gaze describes what men typically view as attractive in men and women. The female gaze describes what women typically view as attractive in men and women. This has sparked discussion all over the internet about what causes these differences in opinion. Today we will be examining the possible cause of this difference by analyzing the male and female gaze from an evolutionary perspective.


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