Meat: Grows the Brain or Rusts the Body?

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*A couple people asked me to respond to a youtuber’s video response to this video. Since I expect more comments about this, I’ll point out just one thing for now:
( *TLDR* : Youtuber makes a video saying I’ve misrepresented a study – say my words don’t match the study I referenced. He was looking at the wrong study.)
At 11:22 of the video response he says "This is where things get really bad and I think he needs to correct this in some way…" and brings up the part of my video where I said "Unfortunately, it looks like iron supplements don’t cut it for pregnant women. Despite taking prenatal vitamins with iron, 58% of the women had iron levels below normal." He goes on to say that he looked forever at this study that I referenced, only to find that this 58% figure was no where in the study and that I was blatantly misrepresenting the study. Moreover, he says "Worst of all, this [study] actually undermines his whole video on heme iron, because all 19 of those women were given heme iron throughout their pregnancy…" That is, he’s suggesting that if there is a 58% of women who had low levels of iron despite supplementing with iron, these women were actually supplementing with heme iron and therefore heme iron is not effective for maintaining iron levels in pregnant women.
Ironically, this is a misinterpretation on his part.
The reason he couldn’t find that 58% figure in that particular paper of mine he was looking at was because it was the wrong study. The source for the statement "Despite taking prenatal vitamins with iron, 58% of the women had iron levels below normal" is NOT the study he was looking at – "Maternal hepcidin is associated with placental transfer of iron derived from dietary heme and nonheme sources."
The source for the 58% figure is "Maternal prenatal iron status and tissue organization in the neonatal brain."