#metoo? The French Resistance – BBC News

From BBC News.

When the #metoo movement spread around the world in 2016, thousands of women followed in France using the hashtag #balancetonporc (expose your pig).
But soon using the hashtag became controversial for its vociferousness and created much debate. A tribune defending the right to flirt signed by 100 French women including Catherine Deneuve published in Le Monde newspaper shocked and fuelled the controversy. Men also got involved, complaining about the movement.
Why was #metoo so controversial in France?

BBC journalist Helene Daouphars takes us on a trip to her home country where she investigates the resistance French women face when they speak up about sexual harassment and why #metoo didn’t take hold there.

She meets with politician (Ségolène Royal), historian (michelle Perrot), Activists (Marie Laguerre, Caroline De Haas, Sandra Muller), students and sociologist to find out.

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