Mr. Mucky

From Albino Black Sheep.

Oversized sheepie:
Banana to scale:
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The Mucky Song Lyrics:
I get out my mucky bed
And put on my mucky shirt
I eat my mucky breakfast
And get in my mucky car

I drive through mucky streets
To a mucky side of town
And I see you standing there
You look mucky enough to eat

We go in your mucky house
And have a mucky wicked drink
We take some mucky photographs
Of you and of me

And we romp around the room
In a mucky kind of way
And whisper sweet nothings
‘Cause there’s nothing left to say

Oh, Mucky

I try on your mucky dress
Squeeze into your mucky shoes
I smeer you with lotion
While you sucky my mucky toes

I get back in my mucky car
And drive through mucky down
I reach my mucky house
To turn on my mucky PC


And I upload all those pictures
That I took of you and me
To a mucky little Web site
For mucky people to see

I get a thousand million emails
From all around the world
And they call me Mr. Mucky
‘Cause mucky mucky mucky….

Mucky mucky mucky mucky you
Mucky mucky mucky mucky me

The oversized sheepies are a crowdfund. It does not look like we will make the goal to get them into production, but let’s try anyways. If it doesn’t happen you don’t end up getting charged. I’m committing to buying 125 so we only need 275 and to reach the 400 required, and we are at just above 80 with under a week left. Can we get 195 orders? This isn’t to make money or to "be relevant" (Flash is dying, of course) since I will gladly take a manageable loss just to get these made instead of just the demo ones already produced.