My Carbon Footprint is Broken

From Kurtis Baute.

Instead of going and calculating your carbon footprint, go figure out which candidate in your upcoming election you should vote for who will take serious action on climate, then find a local climate activism organization and join the movement (links below). After that, follow some more YouTube channels about the climate crisis and download a book from your local library on the topic (links below). Lastly, calculate your carbon footprint and start reducing it by dealing with your biggest sources first (links below).

To be clear about system change, here is what I’m talking about:
1) We need a ‘just transition’, meaning one that supports people as we switch to a green economy. For example, working class oil employees are going to need green new jobs. This means some form of universal basic income, and affordable access to education. A ‘just transition’ also means taking huge strides for equality (essentially everything BLM is fighting for), as low-income families, black people, and indigenous people are hit hardest by the effects of climate change.

2) We need to keep oil in the ground. Full stop.

3) We need to build renewable infrastructure. This means wind and solar, but also more energy efficient buildings, and switching basically everything to electric. It also means decreasing energy demands by building more public services such as city buses and bike lanes, instead of car infrastructure.

4) We need to tax the rich and the corporations they own. This transition is going to be expensive, and the people that should pay for it are the people who have done the most harm and benefited the most from it.

TL;DR: We need a Green New Deal.


Some climate activist groups that I think are doing great work:
Extinction Rebellion (global):
Sunrise Movement (USA):
Climate Convergence (Vancouver, where I’m at):

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YouTube channels about the environment to subscribe to:
Climate Adam:
Hot Mess:
Our Changing Climate:
Levi Hildebrand:
Simon Clark:
Sarah Karver:

Here’s a list of books to read about climate change:

How to calculate yours:
How to shrink it:


The Sustainable Economist:

Video Mistakes:
The kettled used 70Wh not 70kWh. I did the CO2 calculation right, I just wrote down the wrong number on the screen. Sorry!

Video Sources:

0:00 Housing
2:22 Investing
3:27 Transportation
4:15 Goods
4:55 Diet
6:18 Air travel
7:40 Compared to other countries
9:50 Compared to the super rich
10:56 System change