Never Use This Gas In Your Car!

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How 85 Octane Fuel Can Destroy Your Engine And Void Your Warranty
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It’s very important to put the correct fuel in your car, whether that’s 87 regular gas, or 91 premium gas. Using the wrong fuel, at an octane rating too low for your vehicle, can result in severe engine damage caused by knock. Lower octane rating fuels are more susceptible to knock. In some high elevation states, 85 octane fuel is sold, which should not be used by modern cars.

Why would we sell a fuel in the United States that could destroy your engine? Well it worked just fine with old, carbureted cars. But modern cars with electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition timing don’t like it. Why not? Watch the video to see why this fuel is still sold today, how elevation impacts octane rating, and why modern cars can’t use it. It can even void your warranty! Wild.

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