Our Funeral Home is Overwhelmed With Bodies


From Ask A Mortician.

Things are bad in Los Angeles.

If you want to help, and live in the Los Angeles area, we ask that you contact your local government representatives to express your displeasure at the lack of government aid for funeral homes, death care workers, and grieving families in Los Angeles.

Here are some ways you can find your local representatives’ contact info:

Press enquiries: taraatthegooddeath@gmail.com

At this time, we ask that you do *not* contact our funeral home. We appreciate your desire to offer support, but 100% of our energy has to be focused on serving people in our care.


Mortician: Caitlin Doughty
Producer & Writer: Louise Hung (@LouiseHung1)
Editor & Graphics: Landis Blair (@landisblair)
Editor: Alex Rogals

Thank you Patron deathlings, who allow us to make videos like this.

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