Out of Our Elements: Arlo and Caitlin return to Terra on July 8th!

From PBS Terra.

Are you ready to explore the molecular world?

One year after their trip to Antarctica, NOVA and PBS Terra hosts Arlo Pérez Esquivel and Caitlin Saks are back. This time they’re taking on a new adventure—one that’s arguably wackier than their foray to Earth’s southernmost continent—tackling the weird and wild world of chemistry.

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From the first molecule in the universe to the water we drink, from plastics, glass, and rust to the molecules that could end the COVID-19 pandemic, Caitlin and Arlo venture into the molecular stories underpinning our natural world. The duo meets with a diverse set of experts to discover how, if you look close enough, what may seem familiar can be extraordinary, and the chemistry in the world around us is just as exhilarating as any trip across the globe.

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