Owned a Laundromat for a Year (Does it Make Any Money?) Pt. 2


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If you opened a laundry business last December would it have made money this year? If you think “No way!”, then I’m happy to prove you wrong. Meet Justin Pike of Ferndale Laundry—whose laundromat business has grown during the pandemic.

Over the past year, business partners Justin Pike and Mike Cox turned their focus away from making money as fast as possible to serving their community. And it has helped their business thrive!

For part two of our interview, Alex is exploring the coin laundry business even further. Justin will answer questions about the costs and ongoing expenses of starting a laundromat and explain which organizations are willing to work with a laundromat as a startup business.

We’ll also talk to Justin about his business structure and how his community focus helped Ferndale get through the pandemic. He’ll also explain what they plan to do when the market shifts back to normal.

Justin is going to tell us about his vision for the future of Ferndale and how he intends to implement a home delivery service and open a second location. He’ll give us insights on the various services offered by a laundromat like pick-up and delivery.

Running a laundromat during a year when there’s a pandemic and a factory closed in the area may seem like a tough business. Justin will explain how they delt with those issues and overcame them.

If you love a story about a small business succeeding against adversity, tune in!

Visit Ferndale Laundry’s site at https://ferndalelaundry.com.

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