Physicist Breaks Down The Science Of 11 DC Superhero Scenes | How Real Is It?

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Jim Kakalios takes a closer look at the physics of the DC universe. Here, he reacts to 11 memorable scenes from DC movies and rates them based on their accuracy.

Kakalios addresses physical feats of DC superheroes, such as Joker in "Suicide Squad" jumping from an extreme height into a shallow vat of acid and Harley Quinn in "Birds of Prey" skating behind an automobile at high speed. He looks at the realism of superheroes’ incredible skills, such as Aquaman’s ability to sonically communicate with sharks and other fish. Would Shazam be able to charge up a mobile phone by shooting bolts of lightning at it? What material would Wonder Woman’s bracelets need to be in order to deflect bullets?

Superman and Batman come under scrutiny in the video. Kakalios looks at Bruce Wayne’s cape’s rigidity in "Batman Begins" and whether it would allow Batman to fly across Gotham City. Would Superman be able to turn back time by flying around the world? Why can’t he see through lead in "Man of Steel"? And finally, what are the odds that both Batman and Superman have mothers named Martha? Kakalios calculates the odds from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

Kakalios is the author of three books, "The Physics of Superheroes," "The Physics of Everyday Things," and "The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics." He also worked as a science consultant for the Warner Bros. film "Watchmen" and won a regional Emmy for the video "Science of Watchmen." A physics professor at the University of Minnesota, Kakalios teaches a popular class that uses comic books to illustrate the principles of physics.

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Physicist Breaks Down The Science Of 11 DC Superhero Scenes | How Real Is It?