Pixel 5 Review: The Standalone Sequel Is Great!

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Like that last “Spiderman” Venom movie, the Pixel 5 is part of the Google universe but not necessarily part of the series. Is it a direct upgrade to the Pixel 4? Feature for feature, no. But with the globe in a state of flux, it’s a smart move and a high quality phone. Check the chapter markers for all there is to know about this phone at your own pace, plus Tshaka takes a deep dive camera test, comparing the Pixel 5 to the iPhone 12. It’s a battle, Deep Fusion versus Google’s AI, and the results might surprise you.

In this video:
0:00 – Intro
0:53 – The Hardware
2:03 – Audio/Video: Display, Speakers, & Bluetooth
4:23 – Camera tests
7:53 – Daily user experience
9:41 – Gaming
10:12 – Accessibility
11:05 – Final thoughts

You can check out Tshaka’s awesome wallpaper gallery here:


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