Power – Physics 101 / AP Physics 1 Review with Dianna Cowern


From Physics Girl.

Lesson 11 (Power) of Dianna’s Intro Physics Class on Physics Girl. Never taken physics before? Want to learn the basics of physics? Need an AP Physics 1 review before the exam? This course is for you!

Exercises in this video:
1A) You carry a 1kg backpack up a 6m hill. How much work did you do?
1B) It took you 60 seconds to walk up that 6m hill. What average power did you exert carrying up the backpack?
1C) You ran faster up the hill a second time. It only took you 30 seconds. What average power did you exert over this time, to move the pack?
1D) The energy required to move the pack is the same in both cases. Why are you more tired after the second, faster run?

2. How many Joules are in a kWh?

3.On a given day, 2800 cubic meters of water fall over Niagara falls every second. If that water falls 50m, what is the average power of the water splashing onto the rocks below?

4. For reasons, you are hauling yourself up with a rope attached to a platform you’re standing on. The rope goes over a pulley attached to a tree, and back into your hauling hands. Your total mass (you+platform) is 100kg. You are hauling yourself up at a rate of 4 m/s. How much power are you exerting?

Special thanks to Allen Pan for his awesome shoutout at the end of the video! Check out his channel @Allen Pan – Sufficiently Advanced

Dianna Cowern – Executive Producer/Host/Writer
Jeff Brock – Lead Writer/Course Designer
Laura Chernikoff – Producer
Kailtyn Ali – Video Editor
Sophia Chen – Researcher/Writer
Erika K. Carlson – Researcher/Writer
Hope Butner – Production Assistant
Levi Butner – Videographer
Lauren Ivy – Set Design
Vanessa Hill – Consulting Producer
Aleeza McCant – Illustrator
Rachel Allen – Illustrator
Consultant – Kyle Kitzmiller
Lucy Brock, Samantha Ward – Curriculum Consultants
Cathy Cowern – Transcription

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