Q&A – This year every pecan has a worm in it. How do I fix this?


From Family Plot.

Retired UT Extension Agent and pecan expert Mike Dennison says this problem is the pecan weevil. In the fall there is nothing you can do about it. Next year you can prevent the problem. Study up now so you can be informed and ready next year. Pecan weevils spend most of their life in the ground. They come out of the ground as adults, crawl up the pecan tree and feed on the immature pecans. When the pecans shells begin to harden, they drill a hole and lay several eggs. The larva eats the pecan meat and then bores a hole out and drops to the ground. They are easy to control with carbaryl, but you need to know when the adults are starting to emerge. You can also apply a sticky substance around the trunk of the tree that will stop them from climbing. Look on-line for extension publications to get the details of these methods.

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