Real astrophysicist reacts to Netflix’s Don’t Look Up

From Dr. Becky.

How realistic is a giant comet impacting with Earth in just 6 months? Also, to learn more science in 2022 with interactive courses head to and sign up for free.

Don’t Look Up is available to watch on Netflix:

For more information on NASA’s DART mission to redirect an asteroid see:
and this NASA page:

Watch more astrophysicist reacts videos with this playlist:

00:00 – Mining a comet
37:30 – Introduction
01:39 – Control desk in the telescope dome
02:43 – Lasers and adaptive optics
03:44 – Subaru Telescope & Planet 9
04:49 – Discovery using blink vs static images
05:43 – Display screens and FITS images
07:16 – What would Carl Sagan do?
08:32 – Planetary Defence Coordination Office
09:10 – Sizes of dangerous asteroids/comets
09:43 – Is 6 months warning realistic?
11:05 – Can this information be "classified"?
12:14 – Science is a different language
12:57 – Could the government hide something like this?
14:57 – Supernova searches
16:46 – The nuclear option for destroying dangerous comets
18:34 – "Don’t Look Up" frustration boils over
20:20 – A comet with two tails
21:51 – It actually happened?!
22:19 – THAT ending
23:02 – Final thoughts
25:10 – Bloopers

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