Relief and rescue continue after hurricane Ian

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(2 Oct 2022)
Lehigh Acres, Florida – 1 October 2022
1. Members of the National Guard distribute relief packages to southwest Floridians in the wake of Hurricane Ian
2. A  convoy of cars lined up for relief packages
ANNOTATION: Hundreds of southwest Floridians lined up for relief packages in Lehigh Acres after Hurricane Ian tore through the area.
3. A member of the National Guard walks through the lines of cars
ANNOTATION: The National Guard continued its efforts to distribute supplies to those affected by the deadly storm.
4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Elizabeth Thompson, Specialist with the National Guard:
"We’re giving out two cases of water, one pack of MREs and some ice. Depending on what their needs are, some people don’t need the food, or they don’t want the water. We’re just hear to give whatever they need, and you know, some people come through they’ve been through a hard time, so maybe some hugs and some cares are all they really needs as well."
Lee County, Florida – 1 October 2022
5. Aerial footage of ocean water discolored by the debris of Hurricane Ian
ANNOTATION: As of Saturday, October 1, more than 1,000 people had been rescued from flooded areas along Florida’s southwestern coast alone.
Matlacha, Florida – 1 October 2022
6. Aerial footage of Matlacha Pass bridge having collapsed after Hurricane Ian.
Lehigh Acres, Florida – 1 October 2022
7. The National Guard distributes supplies to cars passing through
8. Hokanson shakes hands with two members of the National Guard
Lehigh Acres, Florida – 1 October 2022
9. SOUNDBITE: (English) General Daniel Hokanson, Chief of the National Guard Bureau:
"When you see where this storm actually came ashore, particularly in the outlying island, it was pretty significant in Fort Myers Beach as well, and of course obviously it continued on inland from there. But when you look at the bridges out there, and just the devastation there and just the homes and damage, not only to the homes and that, but the environment, how the water is all discolored from all the debris. It’s really significant. But the great thing is you can see everybody responding, working together already, getting the roads cleared. You can see today folks getting point of distribution out, trying to help everybody in a very difficult time for them, and it really shows the community coming together, that we’re going to get through this, and there’s a long way to go, but people are jumping in right from the start here."
Dozens of Florida residents left their flooded and splintered homes by boat and by air as rescuers continued to search for survivors in the wake of Hurricane Ian.
The death toll from the storm grew to nearly three dozen, with deaths reported in Cuba, Florida and North Carolina. The storm has since weakened as it rolled into the mid-Atlantic, but not before it washed out bridges and piers. It also hurdled massive boats into buildings onshore and sheared roofs off of homes, leaving hundreds of thousands without power.
The National Guard distributed rescue and relief to the residents in southwest Florida. In Lehigh Acres, hundreds of cars, stretched for several miles, waiting in line to pick up food, water and ice that was being distributed by the National Guard.
Florida National Guard Member Elizabeth Thompson said they were providing people with whatever they could during this time of need.

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