Review: Beats Studio Buds Are Everybody’s Bud, or Bruh, or Sis… whatev


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There were leaks for months but what we didn’t see coming is Apple launching a product as much at home in the orchard as it is in the robot shop. Yes, Beats Studio Buds are a departure in that they are just as ready to power the listening experience on Android as iOS. But does that come with compromises? Tshaka lays it all out in his thorough review of Apple’s new Beats Studio Buds.

00:00 Intro
00:43 Background, case comparisons, case specs
1:58 The earbuds hardware
2:34 What’s in the box??!?
2:48 They didn’t forget about Droid
3:18 User experience: playback controls, active noise cancelling tested, transparency mode
4:07 Active noise cancelling: Real world tested
5:01 Active noise cancelling: Cabin noise simulation
7:27 But how do they sound, Tshaka?!?!
10:29 I hear the “Wrap it up” box playing

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