REVIEW: Panasonic RX-D55 – Possibly the last half-decent Cassette Boombox…in the world

From Techmoan.

In this video I’m taking a look at an old school Panasonic cassette boombox that’s still being sold new today (in some countries). If you want a new portable cassette and CD player in 2020 – it’s far from perfect, but it may be your last best option.

00:00 Intro
02:29 First Impressions
04:10 In the box
05:01 Out of the box
07:03 Batteries
08:34 Buttons
09:24 Initial Tests
13:04 Sound EQ
13:51 CD
14:21 SPECS
17:44 MP3 USB
17:27 MP3 CD
17:50 Aux In
18:36 Tape Recording
23:16 Radio
24:38 Wow & Flutter
26:10 Big Long Summary
35:30 Patreon Roll of Honour

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USA (230V models)

CANADA (230V models)



(Now re-listed here too – but overpriced – Germany is cheaper for the UK)

Any questions? Here’s the English Language operating instructions PDF
Pansonics English Language Middle-east website

CORRECTION: Turns out the USB power supply does remain on when the device is active in any mode other than cassette – it’s just the data connection that’s deactivated. So you could use a lower power USB powered bluetooth receiver connected to the media port.

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