Reyes the Entrepreneur: How He Makes $210K a Year from YouTube (Pt. 1)


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Can you really make money with a YouTube channel? Reyes Gasca certainly did. He started his Reyes the Entrepreneur channel in 2015 and today it brings in a revenue of $15K to $20K every month.

He started Reyes the Entrepreneur with a noble goal: to help other people achieve financial independence. The channel’s tagline is “Making Business Easy,” so it’s fitting his channel has become a profitable business in its own right. Along the way, he’s amassed nearly 400K subscribers and accumulated over 27 million views.

Strong content is one thing that keeps people coming back to Reyes the Entrepreneur. His videos answer common financial questions like how to improve your credit score, how to invest wisely, and advice for starting businesses in a range of industries.

We’ll find out his content creation process, from how he chooses the best topics to how long he typically spends filming and editing each video.

Reyes the Entrepreneur has an impressive number of subscribers, and that didn’t happen overnight. We’ll ask Reyes how long it took him to reach his first 1,000-subscriber milestone and what’s worked best for boosting his channel’s visibility.

He’ll also share how those clicks and views convert to revenue and what daily life looks like for a YouTube entrepreneur.

If you want to start a YouTube channel you probably have a lot of questions and this video is a great place to get answers. You can find Reyes the Entrepreneur at if you want to see his advice in action!

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0:00 Intro
1:46 Meeting Reyes
3:15 Initial Budget
4:34 Monthly Costs
5:24 Technical Viewer Questions
5:58 Growing A YouTube Subscriber Base
7:07 Task Management and Production Teams
8:30 Top Viewed Videos and Best Content
11:24 Schedule For Posting Videos
13:15 The First 1,000 Subscribers
14:10 Click Through Rates, Retention and Watch Time
15:43 Outro

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