Reyes the Entrepreneur: How He Makes $210K a Year from YouTube (Pt. 2)


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Making $17,500/month with a YouTube channel—that might sound like a dream for many but it’s reality for Reyes the Entrepreneur. Founder Reyes Gasca shares how he did it in this two-part interview.

Reyes the Entrepreneur aims to make business easy, with a plethora of videos that help viewers achieve better financial health.

He’s built a community of about 400K subscribers around this concept but he’s not stopping there, with plans to grow his business to seven-figure revenue.

In part two of our interview, we’ll dig deeper into how Reyes the Entrepreneur started and grew his channel. We’ll talk about his process for posting and promoting videos and how he attracts and retains viewers to turn them into new subscribers.

He’ll also share some advice for new YouTube channel owners, like what mistakes can sabotage your success and what costs and challenges you should be prepared for.

The first ingredient for any successful YouTube channel is to have content people want to watch, and that’s an area where Reyes the Entrepreneur excels.

We’ll learn his tricks for making great videos, find out which kinds of videos are the most popular, and find out how much work actually goes into running a successful YouTube channel.

These tips aren’t just for people who want to monetize their YouTube channel. Anyone who wants to use YouTube to build their brand or grow their small business revenue can learn a lot from Reyes the Entrepreneur.

To learn more about him (or check out his videos), head to his channel:

If you haven’t see Part 1, watch it here ►


0:00 Intro
0:42 Youtuber Collaborations
2:07 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content
3:47 YouTube Subscribers
5:20 Blitz Questions
7:34 Work Hours
8:25 Industry Tools and Advice
9:45 Attracting Millions of Video Views
11:32 Channel Merchandise and Products
12:35 Growing Your Business
13:26 Revenue Sharing and Being Different
14:20 Obstacles and Mistakes
15:38 Outro

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