Russia-Ukraine-conflict: Is Germany letting the West down? | To the point

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As tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine, Germany faces fierce criticism for promising to supply Kiev with medical supplies, but not weapons.

Our guests: Jessica Berlin (Military expert), Alexander Rahr (Russia expert), Michael Thumann (Die Zeit).

0:00 "Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Is Germany letting its allies down?"
03:24 Internal problems dominate German politics
06:00 NATO and eastern Europe
07:20 How much can Ukraine rely on Germany as a partner?
09:43 NATO is weakened by German indecision
11:21 Could the new foreign minister Baerbock change German diplomacy?
13:03 Military means, do they deterr or provoke Vladimir Putin?
14:51 Will the Normandy Format talks lead to a diplomatic solution?
15:51 What does Vladimir Putin want?
18:00 Will Russia invade Ukraine?
18:54 Is there a face saving compromise?
19:47 Can Ukraine become a member of NATO?
22:23 What sanctions against Russia could work?


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