Saving Your Money | Banking and Financial Services

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Banking services are complicated and expensive, but going without them is even more complicated and expensive.

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Films, Documentaries, and Videos
Dirty Money S1E2 "Payday" (2018)
Dirty Money S1E4 "Cartel Bank" (2018)
Dirty Money S2E1 "Wagon Wheel" (2020)
Too Big To Fail (2011) –
The Big Short (2015) –
Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Area | Bank, Mosquito and Mental Health Problems (2020) –
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver | Predatory Lending (2014) –
Finance Explained with Kal Penn (2016) –

FDIC Surveys and Bankrate

Other General Sources,card%20APRs%20worth%20considering%2C%20too.

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