Sheepie Fur Reveal 2020

From Albino Black Sheep.

2 or more promo: firezemissiles
Crowdfund ENDS Sept 3. Order your OVERSIZED (bigger than your face) sheepie plush. Read full description.
Animation: Andrew Kepple. Narration: LazyBoy (Yotam Perel). Singing: Tiana Camacho.
Thank you all fans of Albino Blacksheep. We will post more. There are many "sheepies" to save here onto YouTube.
This is larger than most plushes. Controller to scale.
Someone asked where the money is going. We are breaking even to get these into production. If we get past our goal, more animations will be funded and extra sheepies will given as gifts to clients and animators. All three artists have been paid for this animation, for example.

The story of the plush is that someone offered to make these back in 2006 and they came out not looking like the logo, and they were also too small. We decided not to sell any or show the public. In 2020 Makeship from Canada contacted Albino Blacksheep to make these correctly and super big. The samples came out great so we agreed to their crowdfunding model. They require 400 orders for anyone to get one, so I hope the YouTube audience will take action and support these "bigger than your face" sheepies.