Short Film: How Clear Cutting Could Lead to Massive Floods

From Seeker.

In the last few years, the city of Grand Forks in British Columbia has been hit with unprecedented floods; wiping out homes in the region. We follow one resident and her journey to document this issue before it’s too late.

Special thanks to Jackson Wild

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British Columbia is well-known for its stunning natural beauty, especially their lush forests of old growth trees. But did you know that over the last few years, much of the landscape has undergone “clear-cutting”? This is where forests are logged and left with large swaths of empty land. This is a huge problem for the future climate.

Residents in cities, like Grand Forks, B.C., are facing the consequences of clear-cutting head on. Join us in this next film to see how this community is at risk of flooding and much more.

From Ramshackle Pictures, this is Waterlogged

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