Starting a $100/Hour Cleaning Business (See What it Takes)


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In this episode, you’re going to learn about Josh, founder of Peakwalker Roof, Gutter, & Window Cleaning, and how he started a cleaning business from scratch.

Josh’s story is incredible. An avid hiker and rock-climber, he started working for a local company in Oregon as an arborist trainee. But after a technicality, he was let go… and decided to make the leap to start his own company.

He started out as a subcontractor, working for a cleaning company that inspected roofs for insurance claims. But he very quickly realized that this was a dead end.

Undaunted by failure, he upgraded his general liability insurance, hired a graphic designer to create a logo, and founded a cleaning business startup in Portland, Oregon called Peakwalker Roof, Gutter, and Window Cleaning.

In this video, you’ll learn how Josh was able to scale his cleaning service business to the point of earning approximately $100 an hour.

You’ll also learn how to start a cleaning business from scratch, what kind of business mentality helped Josh in starting a cleaning business, what goes into creating a commercial cleaning business, and how Josh’s passion for rock climbing and skydiving gave him the mental tools he needed to succeed.

Peakwealker Roof, Gutter, & Window Cleaning is expected to grow quickly. By next winter, Josh predicts that he’ll have hired 3 to 4 field techs, as well as a coordinator to answer calls.

At this point, he literally has to turn down work because he’s so busy!

To find out more about Josh and Peakerwalker Roof, Gutter, and Window Cleaning, check out/visit their website:

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