Still Standing Season 2 Marathon

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From pouring cement tile designs freehand, to crushing fruit and distilling it into liquor, we visited family businesses and artisans around the world to see how their centuries-old trades and traditions are still standing.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:20 Tiles
00:06:34 Feni
00:15:45 Hat Shop
00:22:48 Bone Carving
00:32:25 Perfumes
00:40:02 Fez
00:47:13 Shuttlecocks
00:54:36 Gaza Pottery
01:02:26 Guns
01:11:18 Weavers
01:21:30 Bagpipes
01:30:10 Drums
01:40:03 Cacao
01:49:22 Swords
01:55:48 Day of the Dead
02:02:02 Swat Carving
02:08:00 Credits

Still Standing Season 1 Marathon
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Still Standing Season 2 Marathon