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Schools nationwide are getting swatted! Prompting schools to go into lockdowns and for officers to respond, all for everyone to realize nothing was happening. This week alone it has happened in Colorado, Virginia, Texas, and more, And these situations are SCARY for those involved, during one incident in San Antonio, parents ended up rushing the school. Eventually leading to an altercation with officers, one man even breaking a window with a large knife and injuring his wrist before officers tackled him to the ground. Because people don’t know right away it’s a hoax. For a period of time, they think they are living out their worst nightmares, fearing for their or their kid’s lives.

Produced by: Cory Ray, Philip DeFranco
Edited by: Christian Meeks
Art Department: William Crespo
Writing/Research: Maddie Crichton, Philip DeFranco
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