Tanashin – the last cassette mechs & Aldi’s 2019 Boombox

From Techmoan.

The Tanashin cassette deck mechanism is used in both the most expensive new cassette decks and junk like this Aldi boombox. It is a low end mechanism, a hangover from budget boomboxes of the past, but for better or worse its also the last mech standing and with a bit of care can be implemented far better than this.

VWestlife’s video about that Bluetooth Cassette Portable on Kickstarter https://youtu.be/WVylfRhIA7o

If you want to see the Neon Cassette lamp thingy in more detail – here’s a video just for the exclusive club known as “The Readers of the Video Description Text Box” https://youtu.be/BIijdyaqRr0



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