TEN 327 – Bolt EUV Revealed, Tesla Price Drop, Aptera Raises $4 Million


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The Timings:

00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – Welcome
00:30 – Well done, Perseverance!
00:41 – EVA Message
01:17 – General Motors unveils 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV, Refreshes Bolt EV
02:13 – Daimler says it has no date to end EV sales – because they’re “cash-machines” for EV development – but also Moves its phase-out up
03:01 – Tesla drops Model 3, Model Y entry-level prices
03:52 – LG Chem to replace the batteries of the Hyundai Kona EV in North Korea
04:51 – Ford investing $1 billion in EV factory in Germany
05:44 – Hyundai says it’s considering offering battery leasing for future models
06:48 – – Ford uses a hybrid leasing arrangement for Mustang Mach E
07:36 – Aptera closes a Series-A round worth $4 Million
08:31 – Chevrolet looks to have an update planned for the battery packs of existing Bolt EVs
09:31 – Jaguar Land Rover cancels plans for XJ EV
09:49 – The U.S. officially rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement
10:07 – Volkswagen confirms the ID.5 electric coupé is on the way
10:26 – Electrameccanica says it’s chosen a factory location for the Solo EV
10:41 – Older Bolt EVs are now going for crazy cheap
10:59 – Mitsubishi Outlander gets a refresh – the Plug-in doesn’t
11:15 – EV Startup AK Motors uses models, not real cars, to advertise its vehicle
11:41 – Lucid shares how its battery pack is constructed
11:56 – Ford asks dealers to pay up to certify for EV
12:14 – UK Government drops £50 Million to help small businesses and landlords prepare for Evs
12:31 – Tesla (as well as other companies) drop in the latest consumer reports brand survey
12:47 – Rumors abound that Ford is bringing a VW-engineered sub-compact crossover to market in Europe
13:05 – Nissan’s Barcelona Production facility could become a "Battery Hub"
13:24 – Proterra will be the battery supplier for the Volta Zero
13:41 – Chevrolet targets ads to Volta Network customers
14:01 – Nissan announces plans for a new small electric van in Europe
14:18 – Hyundai reveals the Ioniq 5’s interior space.
14:36 – Quantumscape sets up a pilot solid-state plant
14:58 – Lordstown Endurance prototype confirmed to have gone up in flames
15:56 – Ford goes to play in the snow, and Hummer goes to play in the snow, too.
17:04 – Thanks, and goodbye!

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