The 2-wheel Tesla you hadn’t heard of | BTS at the company that’s making a million EVs a year

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Niu is the world’s leading electric scooter company making almost 1 million electric scooters each year. Elliot travelled to Changzhou in China to go behind the scenes at the Niu factory to see how they produce 4,000 scooters per day for China and also a large, growing export market.

This busy factory produces Niu’s three different models and, although the GTS-Pro moped is their most popular, they are working on an electric motorbike, an electric mountain bike and even a 3-wheeled scooter taxi!

Elliot explores each area of this simple, fast and efficient factory, following the rapid process from raw frame to finished product. He also takes the NIU Aero bike for a spin and is the first person outside of the company to try their prototype RQi Pro prototype motorbike.

Watch Andy Torbet’s review of the Niu GTS Pro –

0:00 Introduction
1:54 1 million a year
2:34 Quality testing lab
4:30 Factory floor
6:53 Current & future models
8:46 Scooter transport
9:30 Coming together
10:13 NIU Aero
14:05 End of the line
14:48 NIU RQi Pro
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