The $5 BILLION Car Collection Rotting In The Jungle | Up to Speed

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Why is the world’s craziest car collection rotting away in a jungle? We’re talking $5 BILLION of Lamborghinis, Bugattis, Bentleys, and McLarens in doubles, triples, and more—some of the rarest, coolest, and most-valuable cars on the planet! The royal family of Brunei has more money than God and less morals than a barrel of demons. But that doesn’t explain why so many priceless cars are left to rot, does it? Join host James Pumphrey to find out as he digs into the $5 Billion car collection of the Sultan of Brunei!

Big ups to our own Joseph Wright for nailing this edit, and for dropping a Power Rangers reference. If you caught it, follow him on Instagram @chocotacotuesday

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