The Alt-Right Playbook: How to Radicalize a Normie


From Innuendo Studios.


Primary sources for this video were:
Alt-America, by David Neiwert
Healing from Hate, by Michael Kimmel*
Terror, Love and Brainwashing, by Alexandra Stein

*Kimmel’s book was purchased before the sexual harassment accusations against him were made; the book is good but I do not endorse the writer.

You can read my livetweets on Alt-America here:

Other major sources:
How fascists get red-pilled:
Down the (white) rabbit hole:
Technological seduction and self-radicalization:
An overview of 8chan:
The Daily Stormer’s handbook (once again):
The curation/search radicalization spiral:
The Alt-Right pipeline:
Demography of the Alt-Right:
How terrorists recruit online:
The alternative influence network:
VEX on how white nationalists can’t have healthy relationships:

Additional citations:
The Card Says Moops:
The PewDiePipeline:
Faraday Speaks on the Alt-Right Pipeline:
Toxic forums as digital self-harm:
Parasocial relationships:
The Parasocial Contact Hypothesis:
Hate group stats:
Patriot group stats:
Hate crime stats:
More hate crime stats:
Alt-Right former:
Why Twitter won’t ban white supremacists:
Emma V on white and "political":

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