The Basics of Climate Science | Essentials of Environmental Science

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Welcome to our new special series about the essentials of environmental science

A series on this channel talking about the environment without focusing on the era-defining change happening to our planet right now wouldn’t make any sense. Climate Change is after all, the hot mess we all find ourselves in.

Climate is the long-term, average weather over a particular region. It’s the typical patterns of temperature, precipitation, wind and how those change seasonally throughout the year.

But what does that actually mean? Let’s take a trip to a few biomes and compare what climate looks like around the world. We’re going to the tropical rainforest of Brazil, the savanna of Mozambique, the desert in Saudi Arabia, and the tundra of Canada.

Welcome to our Learning series about the essentials of environmental science. We’ll have more from this series in the following videos, so stay tuned!

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