The BIGGEST used HiFi bargains might be the SMALLEST

From Techmoan.

Collectors aren’t interested in Mini HiFi systems from twenty years ago – this means their prices aren’t getting jacked up in the same way as old boomboxes and separates. Therefore used examples can make a good buy for anyone on a budget who just wants a compact system to play various physical music formats with minimum fuss. I bought one to see what I got for my money.

AFFILIATED LINK to any SONY CMT-CP505MD* Mini HiFis currently on ebay UK
You might also be interested in the similar CMT-CP500MD – they seem quite common too – so here’s another ebay UK Affiliated link

*I just wanted to add a warning that there appears to be a common issue with the cassette decks refusing to rewind or fast forward on these devices – check these features work before buying one.

AFFILIATED eBay links to the Mini/Compact/Shelf HiFi section on:

00:00 Overlong Intro
02:54 What I bought
10:20 A look inside
19:06 Tape Tests Pt. 1
21:37 Big in the UK
24:06 Tape Tests Pt. 2
25:20 CD to MD
29:02 Other Features Pt. 1
31:54 Mini HiFi – a lot to like
33:01 Other Features Pt. 2
35:26 Summary
38:57 Credits

The Mini Electric Screwdriver I’m using in this video is a Wowstick Mini – while it doesn’t have sufficient torque to loosen tight screws – it can be twisted just like a normal screwdriver at the start to loosen the screw then the electric motor can take over to do the rest of the work. I like the fact it’s narrow, has LED lights in the end and comes with a load of bits (there are usually two options available – one comes with more bits). Here are some Amazon Affiliated links

New Mini HiFis are still made but the only legacy physical media they’ll play is the CD – if you want to play your Tapes or Minidiscs you’ll be looking at the used market.
Here is a link to some examples of current models.
(non affiliated link)

1) CD CLICKING SOUND. A few patrons have advised me that they also have this model and their CD mech clicks too – it seems the tolerance for that plastic disc clamp is just too fine and they’ve mostly warped enough over the years so that they now fail to perfectly clear a horizontal plastic beam located just above the ‘petals’ and as they brush against it it makes a clicking sound until the disc spins up to full speed. So yes it’s a design flaw, but not one that means anything is failing – it’s just slightly annoying.
2) DOLBY PATENTS. The message about Dolby on the back will be referring to the Minidisc – apparently some Dolby Patents are involved in these.

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