The Brain Tech Boom Has Begun. Cyborgs Are Here! (Part 5)


From Trace Dominguez. ( YouTube / Nebula )

The human brain will be center of a new tech boom. Someday our chosen collection of peripheral brain-computer interfaces will change how we experience the world. 😮 ✨Try CuriosityStream for free at, with promo code: trace
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Even with all our technology, we’ve yet to match the amazing power of the human brain. Eventually we’re going to plug arms, cameras, and peripheral technologies of all kinds into our heads. What’s it going to mean for us? Are we going to end up beholden to tech companies? Could someone take our third arm? Or confiscate our #cybernetic eye? What are the laws and ethics of a #cyborg nation?
0:00 Cyborgs are here!
4:05 What do you want to do?
7:33 YOU get a #BCI and YOU get a BCI!
12:25 Tech giveth, and tech taketh away
15:13 Where are we going?

How do #BrainComputerInterfaces actually read data from the brain? What is the language of the brain? How can we learn to speak that language? What’s the best way to control a prosthetic arm, or to become a cyborg? In this series, I look at these advanced pieces of technology and talk to biomedical engineering experts about EEG, fMRI, ECoG, and all the technologies we use to read what the brain is doing while hidden inside our skull. This series is all about how we can #UpgradeOurBrain! Stick around for all the episodes and click here to subscribe so you don’t miss any:

🤯SERIES LINKS: #UpgradingYourBrain
PART I 🧠 Connecting to the brain!
PART II 🤔 Language of the Brain
PART III 👩‍💻 Brains are not computers
PART IV 💾 Download from the brain?
PART V 🤖 Real life Cyborgs!

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Our Cyborg Future: Law and Policy Implications
In June 2014, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Riley v. California, in which the justices unanimously ruled that police officers may not, without a warrant, search the data on a cell phone seized during an arrest. Writing for eight justices, Chief Justice John Roberts declared that “modern cell phones . . . are now such a pervasive and insistent part of daily life that the proverbial visitor from Mars might conclude they were an important feature of human anatomy.”

[P]etitioner Riley was stopped for a traffic violation, which eventually led to his arrest on weapons charges. An officer searching Riley incident to the arrest seized a cell phone from Riley’s pants pocket. The officer accessed information on the phone and noticed the repeated use of a term associated with a street gang.

Humans, machines and lawyers: legal problems loom for cyborgs
The new movie Alita: Battle Angel has once again drawn our attention to the idea of cyborgs: machine-human hybrids. And as we become increasingly reliant on machines and devices to function normally in our daily lives, computer science and engineering expert Robin R Murphy of Texas A&M University in the US reminds us of the gap between the law and our capacity to augment our bodies and minds.

Quadriplegic woman gets chocolate fix using thought-controlled robotic arm 
Earlier this year, a 58 year-old woman who had lost the use of her limbs was successfully able to drink a cup of coffee by herself using a robotic arm controlled by her thoughts via a brain computer interface (BCI).

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