The Funeral Industry Is Burying Us | Answers With Joe

From “Joe Scott”. ( YouTube / Nebula )

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The funeral industry is a $16 billion industry that has an enormous environmental footprint. The numbers are staggering, really. But there are options that we can make that can change that. It just requires us to think about some pretty heavy stuff.

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0:00 – :20 Shortest Intro Ever
:20 – 2:25 Ancient Burial Practices
2:25 – 3:36 How Embalming Became Popular
3:36 – 5:42 THE GRUESOME STUFF – How Embalming Works
5:42 – 8:51 The Environmental impact of Funerals
8:51 – 13:03 Green Burial Options
13:03 – 15:30 Interesting and Bizarre Funeral Options
15:30 – 18:37 Sponsor Read And Close