The Mystery of Saturn’s Giant Hexagonal Storm May Soon Be Solved

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Saturn’s hexagonal storm has been raging for decades for reasons unknown… until now.
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Saturn has a giant 18,000-mile, hexagon-shaped cloud storm that could comfortably fit two Earths inside it, and since its discovery, the mysterious hexagon has left scientists stumped.

Until now.

A recent computer simulation designed by Harvard researchers might provide some clues about what exactly is forming this unusual hexagon marvel.

The high-speed, six-sided jet stream was first discovered in the early 1980’s by NASA’s Voyager flybys.

Using data taken during Cassini’s 13-year mission, researchers from Harvard set out to answer how Saturn’s turbulent conditions could give rise to stable, geometric jets.

The team of researchers built a 3-D computer simulation of Saturn’s hexagon to study its behavior. Find out more in this Elements.

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