The Reign of Fred Figglehorn | Fallen Titans

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Today, in a special episode of Fallen Titans, we revisit a topic I once considered to boring for a full exploration: Fred Figglehorn, also known as just “Fred.” This YouTube star, in reality a character created by Lucas Cruikshank, was one of the biggest hits in the early days of YouTube, causing Lucas to become a recognized star in children’s television. So what happened? Why did Fred’s reign end so suddenly, and was there a bigger story to his content?

Join us today, as we take our final deep dive before the iCarly mini-series begins.

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0:00 – Intro
7:12 – The Beginning
26:47 – 2009 Fred
45:45 – Fred Merchandise
50:49 – Fred: The Movie
1:13:51 – Lucas’s Concerns & Claudio
1:19:56 – Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred
1:33:25 – MAD Footnote & Nick-Era Fred Channel
1:40:41 – Fred 3: Camp Fred
1:43:12 – Fred: The Show
2:51:38 – Marvin Marvin
3:00:56 – Post-Nick Fred, the Final Fred Arc
3:16:18 – Fred Channel Post-Fred
3:18:51 – Fred Post-Fred-Channel
3:26:14 – Closing Statements
3:33:18 – Next Time on Quinton Reviews

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Guest Editors:

Neon Hammer