The Terrifying (but Awesome) Science Behind Red Tides


From Reactions.

Maybe you already knew that deadly algal tides discolor ocean waves, deplete the water of oxygen, and release toxins that can kill a huge range of ocean critters, but did you know that the tiny organisms that cause red tides are also an extremely important part of our ecosystem? In this episode of #Untold, a new #YouTubeLearning series from ACS, PBS, and YouTube, we dive into the science behind this somewhat terrifying, sometimes glowing phenomenon.

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Executive Producers:
George Zaidan
Hilary Hudson

Darren Weaver

Alex Dainis, PhD

Assistant Editor:
Brett Kuxhausen

Shea Lord

Coordinating Producer:
Samantha Jones, PhD

Fact Checker:
Bob Hunt

Archive Producer:
Annalea Embree

Scientific Consultants:
Leila Duman, PhD
Michelle Boucher, PhD
Lora Fleming, PhD
Michael Latz, PhD


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