The value of the human in the age of automation | Anders Sandberg & Waqas Ahmed


From The Royal Institution.

We are already seeing the impact of automation on the job market. Presently, machine intelligence is only industry-specific, but ultimately it will greatly exceed the cognitive performance of humans in virtually all domains of interest. As such ‘super-intelligent’ systems develop, what jobs would humans have? Will there be any value to human life at all in such a scenario?

This event is part of the Polymath Festival –

There is still time. The next few decades are critical for humankind – not least because of looming ecological, military and economic crises – but principally because we will need to design a future where humans and machines can live in harmony and synchronicity. Anders Sandberg of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford will explore how it is not only machines that we must be responsible for reprogramming, but indeed our own selves. As artificial intelligence replaces the role of the ‘specialist’, it is multidimensional minds, or polymaths, that will become indispensable.

Anders Sandberg’s research at the Future of Humanity Institute centres on management of low-probability high-impact risks, societal and ethical issues surrounding human enhancement, estimating the capabilities of future technologies, and very long-range futures. He is currently senior researcher in the FHI-Amlin industry collaboration on systemic risk of risk modelling.

Waqas Ahmed is founder of the DaVinci Network and author of the internationally acclaimed book The Polymath (Wiley 2019). A global authority on multi-disciplinary thinking, his work spans the fields of visual art, neuroscience, international affairs, intercultural education, health and fitness and world history.

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