Theory of Everything Livestreams with Amazing Guests

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July 28 @ 4pm Eastern (8pm UTC) – What is a Theory of Everything?
Moderated by Matt O’Dowd & Brian Keating
​Featuring Max Tegmark, Stephon Alexander, James Beacham, Lisa Randall

In this 90 minute conversation we explore what Theories of Everything really are outside the hype, dig into the essential physics mysteries that compel us to search for one, and survey the major TOE contenders currently being explored by the physics community.

August 4 @ 10:30am Eastern (2:30pm UTC) – Theory of Everything Controversies
Moderated by Matt O’Dowd & Brian Keating
​Featuring Lee Smolin, Eric Weinstein, Sabine Hossenfelder

Existing Theories of Everything have not yet produced experimental evidence that solves the fundamental challenges facing physics. That lack of progress has opened up a sea of controversy, from disagreements about the very necessity of TOEs, to questioning the cost/benefit of mega-billion dollar particle accelerators in search of them, to the emergence of competing TOEs from physicists outside of the academic community. In this 90 minute chat we dive into the existential questions around TOEs.