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These records are guaranteed to give you goosebumps…

Domino topples, slow-motion destruction and some of the nicest sounds you’ll hear from the record breaking universe.

List of records featured:
Tallest 3D-printed sculpture of a human
Most clay sporting targets broken in one minute by nunchaku
Largest Nerf gun
Most water removed with a straw by forward flip in 2 minutes – team
Most plastic bottles cut by a single knife slice
Largest elephants toothpaste fountain
Highest standing backward somersault
Longest hanging bubble chain inside a soap bubble dome
Most dominoes toppled in a cube
Most walnuts cracked with the head in one minute
Most apples sliced in one minute while juggling knives – team of two
Farthest back flip between two horizontal bars
Most single leg backward somersaults in 30 seconds
Most barefoot water skiing tumble turns in one minute
Most juggling catches whilst swimming 5 objects
Most handsprings in a confined space in one minute _female
Heaviest whip cracked
Most mini dominoes toppled
Tallest tower of fidget spinners built in one minute
Most eggs crushed with the head in the backbend position in one minute
Most cucumbers sliced from a persons mouth with a sword in one minute
Most skips by a robot in one minute
Most free-throws made in one minute standing on one leg
Most air rings blown underwater
Most eggs in cups blown upside down in one minute – 05-09-2014 (broken)
Most dominoes toppled in a spiral
Most pool balls potted one handed into the middle pocket over an obstacle in one minute
Longest time to run on non-Newtonian fluid
Most backwards somersaults on a trampoline in 30 seconds
Farthest behind-the-back basketball alley-oop slam dunk
Largest Nerf gun
Most joints cracked continuously
Most cereal boxes toppled in a domino fashion
Longest duration spinning five hula hoops using the bum and arms
Farthest distance jump pot of a pool ball between two tables
Largest stick bomb
Most consecutive passes of a football soccer ball between the head and soles – team of two
Most dice stacked on a cats paw
Longest domino wall
Most consecutive footbag kicks with one leg two footbags
Most basketball bounces in one minute
Most BMX time machines in 30 seconds
Most pine boards broken by a weight attached to the hair in one minute
Farthest basketball shot hit from the ground with the hand
Longest duration to spin a billiard ball
Longest table tennis serve
Largest Nerf gun

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