This Battery-Free Game Boy Will Last Forever


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Nobody likes a dead battery. So engineers developed a battery-free Game Boy that runs forever. Using energy harvested from the environment, this device could spark the next revolution in gaming.
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This is Engage, a battery-free Game Boy lookalike that can play all the classics from Super Mario to Tetris to Space Invaders. While the device looks like a Game Boy and plays like one, it’s really something revolutionary.

The Engage device harvests energy from these solar panels and these mechanical buttons. So the buttons have these magnets that are pushed through coils. They change the magnetic field and we harvest that change.

The frequency of your button mashing will determine how much energy you actually have. Then the solar panels are also gathering energy and eventually it all flows into this processor which lets us actually play Game Boy games.

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Battery-free Game Boy
“This project originates from the question: can we game-on-the-go without batteries? Batteries add size, weight, bulk, cost and especially inconvenience because of constant recharging—to any device. Energy can be generated by mashing buttons while gaming, and readily available energy from sunlight is all around us, so why not use this energy for battery-free mobile gaming!”

The first battery-free Game Boy wants to power a gaming revolution
“The handheld device is a "proof by demonstration" that battery-free mobile gaming is possible. It’s not a Nintendo product, but it’s also not just a simple novelty for researchers, either. Like the original Game Boy, it’s designed to spark a revolution.”

There are now more gadgets on Earth than people
“Humanity has reached a milestone on our journey toward the inevitable confrontation with Skynet. For the first time ever, there are now more active mobile devices on planet Earth than people.”


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