This is Animal IQ! A new show coming to Terra (feat. @Trace Dominguez)


From PBS Terra.

Animal IQ is the newest show on PBS Terra and we know you’re going to love learning about the secret smarts of animals. New episodes beginning this Thursday, Feb. 25!

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We know animals are intelligent, but what we don’t know is how to compare the intelligence of one animal to another. Our Animal IQ Rubric helps us measure five domains of intelligence to finally answer the question: how smart are Earth’s animals?

For generations, humans have wondered if other creatures think the way we do. Scientists devise tests, experiments, and devices to probe the cognition of our fellow fauna. Researchers use puzzle boxes, hidden cameras, brain scans, and mirror tests to suss out social skills, learning ability, vocalization, memory, and even collaboration. Yet, after centuries of study, some animals still leave us stumped. Do we have the tools to understand animal intelligence? Can we really know which animal is the smartest?

In each episode of Animal IQ, our hosts Dr. Natalia Borrego and Trace Dominguez talk to the experts, dig through the research, and measure the smarts of animals before filling in our very own Intelligence Rubric.

Do all animals map their environment and defend their territory? Can they recognize themselves? Do they cooperate? Socialize? Have self-control? Understand death? Feel empathy? Animals may not think as we do, but they do think — the question is: just how smart are Earth’s animals?

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