This is TERRA (Trailer)


From PBS Terra.


Terra is the home for science and nature shows from PBS Digital Studios. Join us and explore the frontiers of science and be inspired by the world around us to better understand what makes it tick.

Premiering September 24 is Overview hosted by Joe Hanson from It’s Okay to be Smart. Overview showcases incredible 4k drone footage to reveal the natural phenomena and forces shaping our planet from a 10,000 foot view–literally.

Launching on October 1 is Human Elements. The world of science is full of facts and figures, but behind the study are the people. Human Elements is a show about capturing the connection between scientist and subject, from intelligent octopi to telescopes that can see into the past.

And finally, starting October 5 is Weathered. From wildfires to hurricanes to tornadoes, we are dealing with more extreme weather than ever before. Weathered will teach you more about these natural disasters from the people who have survived them, as well as what you can do to prepare.

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