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A growth mindset can not only help you learn and grow, it can help you manage stress.
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Working to develop a growth mindset right now can be really helpful – I’ve often spoken about the value of lifelong learning and personal growth, but in the time we’re all in, tiny challenges are reframing your situation can be great strategies to cope.

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0:00 The Two Types of People
0:41 How to Shift Your Mindset
1:09 An Introduction to Growth Mindset
2:26 Know Your Brain Can Change
3:08 Find a Challenge
3:38 Make a Plan
4:15 The Growth Zone
4:31 Your Mindset Affects Stress Levels
5:13 Phone a Friend @OlgaKay
6:24 The Learn-On-YouTube Mindset
7:02 My Challenge
7:46 P.S. About Carol Dweck

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Mindsets and Stress:
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The power in incentives:
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Key Dweck papers:
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What having a growth mindset actually means:

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