Three BIG updates for the James Webb Space Telescope

From Dr. Becky.

I thought Christmas break was supposed to be relaxing?! Stress levels are still high here but there was three pieces of very good news these past few days we should chat about! #unfoldtheuniverse

Track JWST here:
NASA’s JWST blog with more info here:
Catch the livestreams of mission control on @NASA’s YouTube channel

Find out more about JWST from the European Space Agency:

My other video on JWST chatting with Dr Sarah Kendrew:

00:00 – Launch
00:12 – Introduction
00:41 – 1) JWST will operate for longer than we hoped
03:19 – 2) MIRI has been switched on
04:10 – 3) Houston we have a telescope
07:36 – How to follow the JWST mission
08:33 – Bloopers

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