Thwarted Channels

Occasionally, a YouTube channel is configured in such a way that mBlip is not able to auto-embed the content. While it might be a misconfiguration or bad line of code on my part, in all likelihood, the channel owner (or manager) has done something to prevent mBlip and probably others from being able to carry the content.

Look, I’m sure they have their reasons, but it always sucks when I find a YouTuber that would make a wonderful addition to the collection, but their channel won’t play nice with my parser. I decided to just list them here in no particular order to let visitors know that I tried, to remind myself that these channels don’t work with mBlip, and if the channel owner happens to stumble upon this page, perhaps they could be so big as to explain their decision to exclude their work from being embedded, because I’d really like to know.

Philosophy Tube
Trace Dominguez
The Brain Scoop
Deep Look
Philip DeFranco

By the way, this is not a complete list. There have actually been many more, but I had not always kept records of what did and did not work.