Time is a Flat Circle??? (Part 1)


From Trace Dominguez. ( YouTube / Nebula )

Time is fleeting, time is timeless, time is short, time is… actually, I have no idea! Today I answer the biggest question… what the heck is time?! 🕰 This series is supported by CuriosityStream + Nebula! Join now! It supports the channel! 🙌 http://curiositystream.com/trace
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Before we can really dig into a complex and intangible topic like time — we have to know what we’re dealing with. What the heck is time? Where is it? How does it exist? And what does it look like?
0:00 One Second of time
1:48 What is time?
4:14 Where is time?
5:07 How is time??
7:44 What does time look like?

Time is a construct that we humans invented to try and explain the changes and movements of the universe that are happening around us. Time is our way of trying to bring order to cosmic chaos. So, you could say that this series is me, trying to bring a little order to my understanding of time! Where did time come from? What is time? Where does time exist? What is the base unit of time? Why do we even need time? Why does time seem to slow down when something crazy happens or when you’re bored? How did time come to be? What about relativity and quantum mechanics? What the HECK is this thing we call TIME?! You’ll have the answers. Let’s kick into it.

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PART 2 — Psychology of Time ( https://youtu.be/IkWsIvA8hjs )
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PART 4 — Is There Free Will? ( https://youtu.be/yPjvZyc-TGA )
PART 5 — The End of Time. [feat. Katie Mack] ( Tomorrow! )

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Stephen Hawking’s Lecture on the Beginning of Time
‘In this lecture, I would like to discuss whether time itself has a beginning, and whether it will have an end. All the evidence seems to indicate, that the universe has not existed forever, but that it had a beginning, about 15 billion years ago. This is probably the most remarkable discovery of modern cosmology. Yet it is now taken for granted.

Time Perception
The human experience of change is complex. One primary element clearly is that of a succession of events, but distinguishable events are separated by more or less lengthy intervals that are called durations. Thus, sequence and duration are fundamental aspects of what is perceived in change.

Examples of Atomic Clocks
What if everything you knew about time was wrong, and time actually moved at a different rate from what your watch or your phone is telling you right now?

How atomic clocks work
Very accurate clocks can be constructed by locking an electronic oscillator to the frequency of an atomic transition. The frequencies associated with such transitions are so reproducible that the definition of the second is now tied to the frequency associated with a transition in cesium-133:

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Love you, #nerdfam! Stay #curious, keep loving STEM and following along for the craziest science news fit to print.

Written, produced, created by Trace Dominguez

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