Tim’s Amazing Retro Flying Machines…

From Grand Illusions.

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Tim was at a toy fair here in the UK recently, when he ran into an acquaintance who runs a toy wholesale company who mentioned that they had a consignment of vintage, retro, steampunk flying machines in their warehouse, and was Grand Illusions interested in buying them?

Made in the Philippines some years ago by skilled artisans, these flying machines are made of metal, and the hand painted figures are ceramic. No plastic here! They are not available anywhere else, and once this stock of flying machines is gone, there will be no more.

They come in various sizes, and they are all very whimsical. Hot air balloons, biplanes, dirigibles… Tim likes them so much he has now got his own flying helmet and goggles. Chocks away, Tim!

We have ten designs available in the Grand Illusions Toy Shop, and there are some more designs still to come. See https://www.grand-illusions.com/flying-machines-c102x4235962